Heady Mix is still a new book box, and with sales now in full swing, we thought it would be worth telling you a little more about what awaits you inside our colourful book boxes. As well as the basics on how subscriptions book boxes work…


What is a subscription book box?


A subscription book box is a curated mini-library delivered to your door. It means that hours scrolling through online book retailers in search of a new writer or a scouring reviews looking for the perfect holiday read, are no longer pre-requisites to book sourcing. Book boxes are your reading list, covered.


How do subscription book boxes work?


Book subscription boxes are simple. For book lovers, having a tangible and beautifully packaged book box arrive each month or so, can be something very special. So all you need is your shipping address and payment card, and we’ll do the rest.


Why subscription book boxes could work for you…


Are you trying to read more, but spend more time searching for the right book than actually sitting down to read them? If so, a book subscription box might be just the ticket. Book boxes do the hard bit for you, leaving you to enjoy reads you know are worth the pages of commitment. What’s more, book subscription boxes allow you to become part of an online community. A safe space to discuss ideas, thoughts and feelings all evoked by the books read.


So what’s Heady Mix and how are we different?


As you already know, we’re a reading list for the curious. Our focus is giving a platform to the stories the literary canon forgot.


So now for the detail. Delivered to your door our beautiful book boxes contain books that have been curated around a specific theme. This theme has been carefully chosen to highlight an issue, a stereotype or bias that impacts the collection’s underrepresented group.


Our Chief Curator, Justina, has carefully selected the novels. Taking time to search out new stories that have not yet been shared widely enough, Justina will select the books that will offer exciting new perspectives, that will enlighten readers and help change the way you see some of the world.


There is also an anthology of stories, essays and flash fiction centred too around that collection’s theme. So that combined with the fiction, you’ll be left with a rounded, well-balanced understanding of an experience, culture or way of life.


How did Heady Mix come to be?


We thought you might like to know a little more about how Heady Mix came to be. After a trip to visit relatives in Nigeria a couple of years ago, Justina (Heady Mix Founder and Chief Curator) became acutely aware of how little books available in the UK (and the West) featured the lives and cultures different to our own.


You can’t just walk into a bookshop and pick out a book with a balanced perspective. It saddens us that we are still in a world where products and services don’t reflect the diverse nature of who we are. Underrepresented groups are still fighting to be heard and to be equal.


So Justina decided two things: the first was I wanted to help people like me who are curious and who want to expand their minds with good stories told from diverse perspectives. Secondly, that she’d like to redress the balance, and help normalise diversity in what we consume.


And that’s how Heady Mix was created, a subscription book box to a different narrative. To balanced books; stories of our diverse generation.


How much is a Heady Mix subscription book box?


Prices start from £12 and are outlined below. We offer a few options so that you can choose what’s best for your budget and reading habit.


Bi-monthly book boxes

  • The Heady Mix (2 novels + 1 anthology) = £34.50 + £3 UK shipping

  • The Select Mix (1 novel + 1 anthology) = £24.95 + £3 UK shipping

  • The Light Mix (1 anthology) = £14.95 + £3 UK shipping

Monthly book boxes

  • The Monthly Mix (1 novel) = £12 includes UK shipping

We also ship internationally, prices are on the website when you select your country.


Where do we ship to?


We are a UK based subscription book box, but we ship internationally! We value diversity in our readership just as we do our book box content so if shipping allows it, we’ll get a Heady Mix box to you wherever you are across the world.


How do I join in with online conversations?


As we’re still a relatively new book subscription box, we’re still busy making our website a space for online conversations. We’re soon to be launching forums which will play host to our readers’ conversations, whether they’re about the books, the authors or the topic the book box focuses on. We also hope that Heady Mix will become a safe space for our readers to share their own writing, should they wish to do so!