The debut collection from Heady Mix, titled Loud Silence, features three books that storytell experiences from the D/deaf Community. We’ve curated two novels and an anthology of stories and essays – and we’re very excited to share them with you.


Before we do, we’d like to share why representation matters to the D/deaf Community. We recently discussed why we need to advocate women’s voices, but what if you’re from a community that is often, wrongly, perceived as having no voice and of living in absolute silence. What if because of this perception, your stories are ignored and not told.


In researching the Loud Silence collection, we have come across some amazing talent – the majority of these will be the authors that we’ll share with you, but as we’re all about storytelling diversity, we’d like to highlight the viewpoints of two up and coming actresses who are from the D/deaf community.


The first is the wonderfully inspirational Millicent Simmonds. At just 15, Millicent has become an advocate for the D/deaf community following leading roles in the 2017 film Wonderstruck and 2018’s breakout film, A Quiet Place. Here, she shares the impact her last film has had an impact on the D/deaf community.


Secondly, we have the fabulously charismatic, Lauren Ridloff, who dreamed of being a writer, but fell into acting. Lauren is a Tony-nominated Broadway actor, she also starred in Wonderstruck and will be featuring in Marvel’s cinematic universe in the 2020 release of The Eternals. Here Lauren shares how representation and identity can interact.