Marrow Thieves


“Al-Kadhi was 10 when they realised they were gay, having fantasised about the cartoon Robin Hood, and then Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. But their parents couldn’t accept the possibility that Al-Kadhi was anything but heterosexual. “Even if you feel gay, just sleep with girls, and you will no longer be gay” was their father’s advice, backed up by anti-homosexual teaching at school that provoked terrifying nightmares. Al-Kadhi still often wakes to find the bedding on the far side of the room.

Their book details the various methods, some harrowing, they tried in order to gain short-term relief from the unbearable sense of a divided life: from acting to abusive relationships, chemsex parties, academic perfectionism and a passion for tropical aquariums. There’s also a unicorn tattoo, on Al-Kadhi’s chest, the rump of which they used to rub, for comfort and luck.” – The Guardian.

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In this award-winning book that explores the continued colonial exploitation of Indigenous people, Frenchie and his companions struggle to survive after the world is nearly destroyed by global warming. Indigenous people of North America become hunted once it’s discovered that they are the only people who have retained the ability to dream and that their bone marrow can provide a cure.

Marrow Thieves author, Cherie Dimaline, is from the Georgian Bay Métis Nation in Canada. She has said of her identification, “I would love to be recognised as a writer of Indigenous stories. I’m not a Canadian writer. This is what is now known as Canada; it means something different to and for me.”

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