Loud Silence collection


Loud Silence takes the reader on a journey that explores identity, representation and communication. It brings together writers from the D/deaf community in a collection that asks the reader to challenge the notion that the absence of sound is silence. The Loud Silence collection comprises two novels and a book of short stories and essays. This item ships within 5-7 working days.

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By choosing this Heady Mix collection, you’re one step closer to becoming a better ally to underrepresented groups. D/deaf authors are rarely championed, so we dedicated our debut collection to celebrating D/Deaf writing. We specialise in books written by women from diverse backgrounds, all over the world. We help you to explore the lives of women we may never get to meet except in the pages of the books they write – we know reading can be a powerful tool for understanding and empathy.

In this collection, we ask, is the absence of sound silence?  Our exclusive published book of short stories and articles will guide you through many perspectives of the D/deaf community’s experience; whilst the two novels will bring the experience alive as immersing yourself in a novel can.

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