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Loud Silence takes the reader on a journey that explores identity, representation and communication. It brings together writers from the D/deaf community in a collection that asks the reader to challenge the notion that the absence of sound is silence. The Loud Silence collection comprises two novels and a book of short stories and essays. This item ships within 5-7 working days.

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According to the @unitednations Refugee Agency, there are nearly 26 million refugees across the globe, around half of whom are under the age of 18.

Every four seconds, a person becomes displaced. Every minute, 16 people are forced out of their homes – totalling 23,800 every day.

Worldwide, there are almost 79.5 million people who forcibly displaced.

Their daily reality is physically and emotionally perilous – they experience loss in all forms (not only possessions but jobs, perhaps family, friends and a whole range of unquantifiable things such as routines, values, smells and sounds) in an endless journey that never recovers their ‘home’.

In our bestselling collection Lost and Found, we explore the varied nature of the refugee experience, of loss beyond the obvious and gains that we would not understand existed unless we too had encountered the harrowing experience.

Through this collection of two novels and our exclusively curated book of short stories, essays and memoirs, we hope to take you on a journey through the lived experiences of displaced people who are refugees, and share the stories of despite all they lose, there is much to be found

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