Book Aid International Charity Box: Horizon


Horizon is an exclusive, limited release one-off box that can only be purchased at our website. We’re super proud that 100% of profits from the sale of the charity book boxes will go towards Book Aid International’s important work.

The box features three books including an exclusive book published by Heady Mix.

The Horizon book is a collection of short stories, memoir pieces and essays that afford us a privileged view of exciting, beautifully written and thought-provoking stories from Africa. A celebration of discovery, new beginnings and inspiration, we’re taken on journeys that reminisce DJ nights in Kenya, a road trip across Nigeria and a feminist reading of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Horizon is a collection that offers a new lens from which to read African writing. 


Please note this is not a subscription product and will not renew.


Available on back-order



In the West, we exist in a bubble. One in which we view the world through a colonist gaze. We demand that the rest of the world oblige and meet our expectations. Expectations of who they are, what they should create and what they should write.  

It is damaging, not just to us, in that we miss out on the richness of culture that exists in the world, but it denies whole continents, like Africa, the opportunity to create for themselves that which they would like to enjoy, worlds that they can imagine, without pandering to Western elitism.  

And it is with that sentiment that we have approached this special fundraising collaboration with Book Aid International, the UK’s leading book donation and international library development charity. We were interested in exploring African writing from an inspirational viewpoint, stories that uplift and engage without being tethered to poverty, famine or war; stories that are difficult to find in Western book stores, ones that break stereotypes and dilute the expectations of what African women should be writing.  

Horizon does just that, a collection of stories written for Africans. Not works tinkered for our fiction prize system to appeal to the West. Does a typical African really care about the Booker Prize or the latest book to recount a “fish out of water” coming to America immigration story? Horizon affords us a privileged view of exciting, beautifully written and thought-provoking stories that celebrate discovery, new beginnings and inspiration. 

We hope by reading Horizon, you’ll be inspired to further support Book Aid International’s work so that across the continent they can provide more access to Africa’s fantastic canon of literature. 

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