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Home is where the heart is.  

What does that mean?  

What does home mean to you?  

Is it the four walls in which you live? The town you grew up in? Or simply your country, the land mass with defined borders, where you belong?  

Readers of past Heady Mix anthologies will be aware of Chief Curator and Founder, Justina Cruickshank’s fascination with belonging and identity. Being of Nigerian descent, of a country formerly oppressed during Britain’s imperialism will do that to a person.  

But what about people from other former colonial countries?  

Using the backdrop of India’s 1947 Partition which saw the birthing of two countries, political, social and economic upheaval, untold violence and one of the largest mass migrations in history, this collection of short stories and essays explores the concept of home.  

With writing by authors from South Asia or South Asian heritage, we delve into belonging and identity from a new angle with pieces covering a range of topics including a portrait of South Asian beauticians in Houston showcasing the stories of those in the South Asian diaspora making a new home; the role curry plays in home and identity; reflections on growing up in rural India and how Pakistan’s visual poetry creates a new sense of home.  

Insightful, thoughtful, exploratory pieces that will inspire you to rethink the concept of home.  



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