Girl at War


“The more I lied, the closer I came to fitting in. Sometimes I even believed myself.”

“The first third of this gripping debut novel depicts the start of the Yugoslavian civil war through the eyes of Ana Juric, a ten-year-old girl residing with her family in Croatia’s capital . . . Through Ana’s journey, Novic, in tender and eloquent prose, explores the challenge of how to live even after one has survived”. – Oprah magazine.


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Girl at War book’s compelling story of the young Ana Jurić, a carefree girl living in Zagreb, whose life is torn apart when war breaks out across Yugoslavia. With a world that now holidays on the shores of the Croatian Riviera, it is easy to forget the terror that plagued this region just a generation ago.

Ana escapes to study in the USA and with it, Novic’s story presents not just a literal war, but a war of the mind, a girl at war with herself, her past, her memories and her loss.

Girl at War appeared in Feminist Fairytales which focused on stories of women going their own way.


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