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Earth showcases the stories of Indigenous communities and their deep, unique connection to the environment, which extends for centuries and beyond any time before settlers stole their land. ⠀

The knowledge acquired by Indigenous peoples places nature as the central tenet of their worldview. And core to this is view is an intimate understanding of the interconnected nature of all living beings and natural systems. ⠀

For many us in the western world, climate change is a presence that extends only so far as recycling or conserving energy. But for the First Nations people, the direct disruption to their eco-system is devastating, a truth made even more painful by knowing how small their own carbon footprint is. ⠀

We hope through this collection our readers discover a wealth of knowledge on tribal communities, their ancestral heritage and ancient traditions of storytelling, as well as the new threats posed to their much-treasured relationship with the land on which they live. ⠀

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