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Book of the Month: rolling subscription

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One novel and introduction letter delivered to your door once a month.

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A rolling subscription is a great no-obligation way of gifting Heady Mix, especially if you’re trying us out for the first time. This is the perfect book club gift for friends or family – a unique reading experience immersed in a heady mix of diverse awe-inspiring stories. We’re the only UK book box focused on diversity, and as feminists too we can guarantee you month after month of talented and hard-to-find female writers from all over the globe. We’ll help you discover the new people, places and perspectives that mainstream bookshops ignore. No more of the same boring books, every month something different and relevant to our world – all of it, not just our small Western corner. This option is for one novel per month plus a contextualising Introduction from our Founder Justina, which will explain why we chose each book and tell you more about each author.