Book of the Month Gift: Pre-pay for three months

£42.00 for 3 months

Pay three months in advance – delivery included.

One novel and introduction letter delivered to your door once a month for three months.

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If you’re not sure how much time you’re gift recipient has available to read, one book a month is a good place to start. This book subscription gift immersing your recipient in the season’s theme month by month, and is a great way to learn and understand the lives of other women globally. If your gift recipient is deep down idealistic and wants to enjoy new diverse stories written by talented female writers, then this is the box for them. We know tropes of what’s ‘normal’ can be a tyranny that reading diversely can free you from. With Heady Mix there’s no more of the same old boring books, we give your gift recipient fresh new worlds to dive into, month after month. Their entertainment will be broadened, and so will their knowledge and love of life.