Book of the Month Gift: Pre-pay 12 months, and save £12

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Pay 12 months in advance and save £12 – delivery included.

One novel and introduction letter delivered to your door once a month for 12 months.

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We’re so pleased you decided to gift Heady Mix for the long haul!  If you are looking for friend or family bookworm gifts – Heady Mix is the book box for feminists interested in diversity. Here your gift recipient will learn to be a better ally and broaden their entertainment and knowledge of women’s lives everywhere. By gifting Heady Mix, you'll help them diversify and decolonise their bookshelf and find a new perspective. By gifting differently, you’ll help spotlight talented female writers that aren’t getting the bookshelf space they deserve. Here at Heady Mix, we believe books have an awesome power for good – each person who reads and understands the life of another that they didn’t before, has become a changemaker, an activist for understanding and tolerance: an ambassador for education for all.