Book Bundle Gift: Six months

£72.00 for 6 months

Pay six months in advance and save £5 – delivery included.

Two novels, one book of short stories, memoir pieces and essays, and an introduction letter delivered to your designated address once every three months for six months.

This bundle does not renew.

A longer commitment feeling like the direction you want to go? That’s great, and we’re happy to have you. Heady Mix is the book box for feminists interested in diversity, and with a six-month sub you’ll get two season’s worth of themes: in the past, we’ve looked into Feminist Fairytales – women making their own choices large and small; Lost and Found – stories of refugees; and Windrush – stories of belonging and courage, to name just a few. Here you’ll learn to be a better ally while broadening your entertainment and knowledge of women’s lives everywhere. This is a great subscription to get your friend who has everything – no more looking for books for gifts, we've got you covered.