Being Greta


“Very soon Greta and Connor are taken back into the audiologist’s room where Greta is subjected to lip-reading/guessing what Barbara is saying from a sheet of A4 paper. Greta throws out ‘dog’, ‘philandering’, ‘bamboozle’ and ‘chutney’, safe in the knowledge she doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting any of them right”.

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Greta is an average young woman with average young woman issues. This is a familiar story in many ways, but with one difference: Greta is deaf. The author, Maxine Sinclair, is a British Sign Language interpreter and has a Deaf husband, a position that promises the real experience of the difficulties facing young D/deaf people. Greta struggles with her identity and the feeling of isolation. She is presented with a series of difficult decisions as she tries to navigate through the two worlds of D/deaf and hearing, and her relationship with both sides. This is a rare insight into the life of a deaf character in a hearing world.

Being Greta featured in Loud Silence, Heady Mix’s debut collection that spotlighted writers from the D/deaf community.

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