Inspired by International Women’s Day which takes place annually on the 8th March, one of the most obvious ways to challenge the patriarchy is to spend your cash in ways that benefit female businesses and support women’s empowerment so from memberships to UK book subscription boxes to lingerie, here’s our rundown of the best of the web’s gifts for feminists at Christmas in 2021.


Heady Mix Quarterly Mix







Sadly, women are still impacted by many inequalities.  Around the world, we are fighting for basics such as freedom of movement without a male companion and not be treated as chattels by our families; where others are fighting the glass ceiling in the workplace or for reproductive rights to our own bodies. But as more women support women, we also find joy and education in sharing our stories.  You’ll find us to be one of the best UK subscription boxes, because at Heady Mix, we celebrate and invite our members to immerse themselves in the lives of women globally, so that we gain a real and intimate understanding of each other’s daily realities – and be true allies to one another. With a focus on diversity and underrepresented groups, our Quarterly Mix features a unique book of diverse short stories and essays that we publish ourselves,  plus two novels directly linked to it: a perennial gift for a feminist.


The Fawcett Society

Since 1866, when 19-year old Millicent Garrett Fawcett began dedicating her life to obtaining women’s suffrage, The Fawcett Society – a peaceful organisation promoting women’s rights – was born. This UK based membership charity advocates gender equality with campaigns including the gender pay gap at all levels of society, investigating the effects of gender stereotyping in early childhood, and reporting on sexual harassment in the workplace.  There’s also the effect of Brexit, Covid and the economic downturn on women’s rights legislation, ensuring it isn’t watered down; and unpaid care work at home – valued at £77 billion for women in the UK – a cause that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition. If these injustices fire you up and you’d like to help more women support women, the link to join and get involved is here:


The Feminist Shop



From children’s books written specifically to disrupt gender stereotyping, to clothing with feminist slogans – ‘Well Behaved Women Don’t Make History’, ‘No one Is Free Until We Are All Free’, ‘Liking Yourself Is An Act Of Revolution’, and ‘My Favourite Position Is CEO’ – the Feminist Shop has a huge range of gifts for feminists. Not only are gifts feminist themed, but 10% of all sales is donated to the Feminist Shop’s charity partners ensuring your purchase has an immediate impact on important issues.  The Feminist Shop supports a variety of charities including Breastival, Homeless Period Belfast, Beat Eating Disorders, Autistic Women & Non-Binary Network (AWN) among many more. Gifts for feminists galore.


Fempowered and wear ‘em out – period products with a difference

Periods are difficult enough, but Fempowerd has made them easier on the environment by providing a monthly subscription box full of eco-friendly period products. 100% of the profits from the box go towards running menstrual education workshops and helping women worldwide have periods with the dignity and the safety they need. Partnered with WaterAid, Fempowerd also builds toilets and create access to clean water in multiple countries.  Check them out below.


The UnderArguement – empowering lingerie labels through storytelling

Much as Heady Mix chooses to celebrate and empower by sharing women’s stories, this lingerie company brings holistic care to its collections, each named after an uplifting dichotomy that the wearer can be reminded of each time she puts on her underwear. Collection names include: No.08 For insecurities//Against self-doubt; No.5 For loving//Against conforming; and No.6 For failures//Against regrets. Championing all sizes and shapes of woman, we love UnderArguement’s inclusive non-typecasting mindset, which they call Anti-casting. Women are invited to write in with their stories of life, and if selected, they participate in a photo-shoot for the latest collection.  No woman is asked her size or asked for any pictures beforehand; only on the day does UnderArguement’s photographer meet the latest chosen woman, and later her story is added to the website with her photos in the collection.


Social Stories Club – ethical food gifting

An ideal gift for the feminist concerned with supply chain ethics, this speciality gifting company ensures that every single item in their boxes is ethically produced and artisans fairly compensated.  They aim to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring you get the background on the small businesses that contributed to each box – you’ll find more and more companies to support. On offer are the Sustainable Foodie Gift Box, the Conscious Collection Gift Box and a Hug in a Box. Be assured the research has been done for you, and curl up with your books and snacks.


Sisterhood Empowerment – Letterbox Gift

Last but not least, if you want to get your younger sister or inner younger sister something upbeat, colourful and full of powerful female vibes, try supporting a local seller on Etsy, like EE Jewellery.  They make individual pieces for ‘those for the curious of heart & inquiring of mind’. Who says feminism has to be serious. Their gifts are supposed to be a little ray of sunshine and positivity – you get postcards, a notebook, an enamel pin and a handmade bracelet. It’s a lovely quick gift for faraway feminist friends.


Gifts for feminists aplenty to fill Christmas stockings for the special women in your life.


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