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IPlease scroll down and check through our comprehensive knowledge base about all things Heady Mix including details of what’s in our book boxes, delivery options, international shipping, membership costs, themes and much more. If you’re question isn’t answered below, then please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help. 

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What is Heady Mix?

Heady Mix is the feminist book box focused on diversity; we spotlight the people, places or perspectives that don’t have enough representation in Western culture. Examples of our themed book boxes include stories that explore the myriad of refugee journeys, experiences from the D/deaf community, global migrants, Indigenous peoples and the devastating impact climate change is having on their land, Afrofuturism – stories that narrate a sci-fi version of the African continent free from famine and other Western stereotypes, feminist fairy tales and stories from the LGBTQIA+ community living in parts of the world where their identity is criminalised.  Our aim is that by reading the diverse stories contained with the Heady Mix boxes, our readers will not only discover new ways to view and understand that world, but will also become better allies to these underrepresented groups. 

What's in a Heady Mix box?

The specifics of what’s inside your Heady Mix book box depends on the subscription option you choose. The Quarterly Mix book box contains 2 novels and a specially curated collection of short stories and essays delivered to your door every three months, and the Monthly Mix book box contains one novel delivered to you every month.  

What you can be sure of is that whichever subscription option you choose, within each box you’ll find an introduction letter, written by our Founder and Chief Curator, Justinathat’s dedicated to the theme the book box represents. This introduction letter will provide readers with context to why a particular perspective, place or population of people has been chosen as the focus of our Heady Mix box, it’ll also tell you a little about each of the books contained within your book box. 

Tell me more about the curated collection of short stories and essays…

When we began curating book boxes aimed at showcasing the diverse stories of underrepresented groups, we realised pretty quickly that we’d have a pretty heavy book box if we were to limit our collections to novels only! This is why we created the Heady Mix anthology, it’s specially curated for each of our collections and allows us to include many more writers and perspectives that we’d be able to otherwise. The contents of this unique book is put together by our Chief Curator, Justina, and often contains short stories by relatively undiscovered writers (at least to a UK audience), as well as essays and memoirs, all selected for their relevancy to the theme of our book box.  

Can I choose what goes into my Heady Mix box?

Heady Mix was founded on the ethos of providing readers with a gateway to discover new and diverse stories, sometimes about experiences they’d never read about before. For this reason, the content of each of our book boxes is kept under lock and key until each of our subscribers have received the collection, making every delivery a total surprise to those who receive it. Although we announce the theme of each collection ahead of its release, we never reveal the contents! 

How do I decide which Heady Mix subscription is for me? 

At Heady Mix, we know that every reader’s pace is different; whilst some are quick page-turners – eager for a narrative to reveal its secrets, others take their time to understand characters, settings and plot. So we knew when we created Heady Mix that we’d need to accommodate for both types of bibliophiles: 

 The Quarterly Mix is delivered to your door every 3 months (containing 2 novels and 1 collection of short stories and essays), so if you like to go at your own pace, maybe to always have a list of ‘to read’ books in stock or enjoy the convenience of short stories and essays, then this subscription sounds like it’s for you… 

 The Monthly Mix is delivered to your door every month (containing 1 novel each time), so if you’re a reader who gets through one book a month or more, then the Monthly Mix sounds like it’s got your name written on it, a #BookWithBalance automatically assigned for every month of the year…  

How much does a Heady Mix membership cost? 

The great news is we’ve created plenty of options for Heady Mix memberships! Once you’ve decided on the subscription type you’d like to opt for, you can then choose how you’d like to pay. 

The Quarterly Mix rolling subscription starts at £34.50 every three months. You can receive your first box half price when you commit to a six or 12-month term.  

The Monthly Mix starts at just £13.50 for a monthly rolling subscription. Gift subscriptions: 3 months pre-pay for £39.50, 6 months pre-pay for £65 and 12 months pre-pay £128.

What else is included in my Heady Mix membership? 

On top of receiving your quarterly or monthly book box, there are also plenty of others benefits to becoming a Heady Mix member. Each time we release a book box collection, we also create articles, host interviews and recommend short-films that help readers discover more about each of our themes. You’ll also become part of the Heady Mix community, a group of curious readers looking to discover diverse stories from across the world. 

Is it possible to purchase previous book boxes? 

Although it’s not always possible to receive previous book boxes in the way you would our current collections, including welcome letters for example, we often sell novels that have previously featured in our book boxes via our online diverse bookstore. We do also create a full description of every collection that is hosted on our website, which can serve as a virtual welcome letter, as well as providing you with context to each book, without any spoilers  of course! 


Once a theme is announced, how long is the book box available for? 

We run a theme for seasons of three months. However, priority for every collection goes to all of our subscribers, so the only sure way of knowing you’ll definitely receive the collection is subscribing ahead of the theme announcement. 

There’s a topic I’d love to read about - can I suggest it to Heady Mix?

Sure, although we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to create a book box based on your suggestion, we’re always open to hearing ideas from readers eager to learn more about the underrepresented groups from across the world. Just drop us a message here.

Can I purchase just one box?

By joining one of our rolling subscriptions and cancelling before the second renewal payment is debited, you’ll be able to purchase just one, standalone book box. You can also find past collections available in our diverse bookstore

Can I track my delivery?

Of course, when our book boxes are shipped, you will be notified of your tracking number. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do! Prices vary depending on your country, and are shown at checkout. If you have questions about the shipping rates for a specific country, please contact us.

Can I buy Heady Mix as a gift?

Yes, you can, and Heady Mix makes a brilliant gift. Just select the gift option at the checkout.  

How do I cancel my membership?

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but if you do decide Heady Mix isn’t for you then it’s easy to cancel your membership, just log into your online account. Please check our terms and conditions for more details. 

Please note that cancel anytime is only available on rolling subscriptions and not for initial six- or 12-month commitment terms.


My question isn't answered here, how can I get in touch?

You can email us at [email protected] or you can call us at  +44 (0)203 951 7985 

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