Please select how frequently you would like to receive your book box.  

Quarterly: Themes run for a season of three months. Your membership is renewed at the start of each seaon on the following schedule: 1st January; 1st April; 1st July; 1 October. Boxes are sent within 14 days of the seaon renewal date or 5-7 days after placing an order (if after the 14th of the month). If you select this option, in the next section, you can choose how many books you'd like to receive in each quarterly box.  

Quarterly boxes receive the special edition book of short stories and essays that accompanies the collection to introduce you to more talented writers, to provide background and context of the theme, and offering you a more unique, entertaining and enlightening reading experience.  The short story and essay book is exclusively printed by Heady Mix and cannot be purchased anywhere else. 

Monthly: Themes run for a season of three months and each you receive a handpicked novel related to that season's theme. Your membership is renewed on the 1st of each month. Boxes are sent within 14 days of the monthly renewal date.  

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