Bookworms’ shelves are stocked all year round with prizewinners, debut fiction and sequels. So when it comes to Christmas, what’s left to buy the bibliophiles when their ‘to read’ list is already backlogged into 2021.


At Heady Mix HQ we’re well accustomed to this dilemma, and so we’ve put together a book lover’s Christmas gift guide filled with ideas to show you that it doesn’t just have to be just novels and stories that will delight those who always have their nose between pages…




We especially love… Solid Oak

Personalised Bookend Stem Vase by MIJMOJ DESIGN.


Our Christmas gift ideas wouldn’t have been complete without including some bookshelf style.

Despite best intentions, shelves that were intended as a personal library can sometimes instead become a dumping ground for last week’s newspapers, bills and dust collecting ornaments. So what’s better to frame favourite reads than personalised bookends. Whether engraved with a treasured character’s quote, or the date of a special event, give the gift of stylish organisation (even if it only goes as far as the bookshelf!) for Christmas.


Reading journal


We especially love… Heady Mix Book Journal


A book lover’s perfect Christmas gift had to include a reading journal. From ‘to reads’, to ‘have reads’, an encyclopaedia of personal reading is a must in any bookworm’s stocking. For the year ahead, documenting thoughts, and ideas, as well as titles and writers, all make for a perfect gift for her, (and anyone!). And for this one, rather than search for a book journal that includes all of that, we thought we’d make one instead. As well as a place to reflect, the Heady Mix book journal features a set of reading challenges to inspire the book lover in your life into 2020.


Book embosser


We especially love… Custom Ink Seal Embosser Stamp by D S Gift Studio, available on Etsy.


From an early age we’ve all been taught that defacing books is a crime, and rightly so! But that eagerness to lay claim on a book once it enters into your personal collection has never really gone away. And we all fondly remember the novelty of date stamping a library book once it was borrowed and returned, imaging readers of past and future lost between the same pages. That’s why we’ve included a book embosser in our Christmas gift guide 2020. Imagine the joy brought to book lovers as they index their collection with a personalised stamp. From initials to symbols, there are so many different ways to ink personality not with distaste, but with care and thought.



Book Seat reading pillow


We especially love… The Book Seat – Book Holder and Travel Pillow – Red by The Book Seat.


Bedtime reading can often be one of the only quiet time found in modern busy lives to enjoy a book. As the lights lull and pillows are plumped into the perfect ready position, bookworms pick up the pages and spend the final hours of the day without technology and the simple pleasure of stories. But wait, when the propped elbow position doesn’t work and the book raised above the head ends in aching arms, are we tempted to turn off the lights and call it a night? For the book lover’s Christmas, why not solve the problem for your nearest and dearest book lovers with a Book Seat. Propped and poised for convenience, we can now turn the page on discomfort with a pillow each for book and reader.


Wooden page spreader


We especially love… Wooden Page Holder by WoodenGiftsPL, available on Etsy


Now, to make reading easier on the go. Commuting with an 800-page epic sounds great, right? No longer noticing as the train chugs along the same route each morning, instead lost in the page upon page of alternative reality. Well, in reality these things can be hard on the old opposing thumbs! And with it not always being possible (or appropriate) to inflate a pillow for a literary companion, it got us thinking of other alternatives. A wooden page holder could be just the ticket for your book-loving friends, making it easier for them to enjoy whatever hearty novel, wherever they are!


Book board games


We especially love… Bring your own book game by Gamewright, available on Amazon


More than any other time of year, board games have a particular nostalgic appeal at Christmas. And although there’s risk of family tiffs and competitive spirit, there’s nothing like a 6 player game around a piece of cardboard and a rolling dice that goes on long into the night. So when thinking of our Christmas gift guide, we wondered whether there are any games out there that combine books and boards? Bring your own book was our top choice in this somewhat niche gifting category, allowing players to use their favourite fiction as a source for quips, questions and quarrels.


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