With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, why not treat yourself and those around you to some love, care and quality time with a thoughtfully curated gift from one of the best UK subscription boxes. Many of us have been working indoors more than usual during the pandemic, while others are busy all day and only enjoy the sanctuary of home in the evenings. Whether it’s for a loved one or yourself, it’s lovely to have the regular treat of a mystery box to look forward to every month. There are plenty of loving choices for body, mind and soul out there too, so let’s take a look…


Heady Mix

If your one true love is reading, you’re in the right place. Maybe you’re ready to expand your worldview or you’re yearning to see further and experience more: places you’ve never been, lives you’ve never lived. If so, Heady Mix’s Quarterly Mix is a brilliant book subscription box to gift yourself. It’s devoted to showcasing diversity, multiculturalism and often unheard communities, such as Noir – crime fiction books written by women from ethnic and racial minority groups.



Often when we think about self-care, we think of softly scented baths, dimmed lights, some soulful music in the background and maybe a glass of wine to hand. There’s much to be said for simple pleasures, and MeMyself&I runs a monthly subscription box to gift yourself or a loved one with this in mind. Boxes contain six handpicked items sourced from independent entrepreneurs to encourage mindful living and calmness: think candles, herbal bath salts, crystals, journals, tea…


Buddy Box

Another way to show love is to slow down – to reflect, to process, to relax and be calm – and understand that it’s okay to not feel 100% all the time, especially considering the challenges of 2020. Buddy Box is the brainchild of The Blurt Foundation, a small team dedicated to helping with the awareness of depression and long-term stress. Each BuddyBox has five items designed to calm, reassure and aid your journey to equilibrium, and comfortingly they call it ‘a hug in a box’.


Honeywell Biscuit Co

There’s nothing like the aroma of freshly baking bread or pastry to make a February full of hygge feel that much cosier, which The Honeywell Biscuit Co can provide in abundance. You’ll find a range of subscription boxes to gift for foodies – from small children (complete with chef’s hat) to curious novices and experienced bakers. Best of all, purchases include a donation to its charity partner, Farm Africa, promoting sustainable farming and fishing.


Make and Wonder

UK monthly subscription boxes can provide a unique way to say I love you. Spark a child’s creativity and share the beauty and power of art with young minds. The Make and Wonder subscription box offers budding artists a range of materials designed to help them explore the work of a different female artist each month, introducing the themes of her work and making children feel empowered and strong. There are single and sibling subscription boxes to gift.



Seed Pantry

If you feel like saving the planet or showing your love by greening your small patch a bit more this Valentine’s Day, look no further than Seed Pantry’s Grow Club Discovery Box. It was founded by a Neil who wanted to grow veg on his tiny apartment block balcony. Now, aided by horticulturalists, you can opt for a surprise package of seeds and instructions for plants from around the world, or pick what you’d like to go in your monthly box. Options are based on what is seasonal that month.


Holiday in a Box

One of the things that many of us love and are missing most is opportunities for travel and learning about new cultures, history and cuisine. The creators of Holiday in a Box is a UK subscription service that curates an experience, and each box is themed around a new city with recipes, music, digital tours, artisanal products and games. There are also family boxes, and home-schooling experience options. From Lisbon to Bangkok to Rome, there’s something here for everyone, without leaving your living room.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you from the team at Heady Mix – and may every month be one of hope and discovery!


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