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This collection showcases stories from Africa that reimagine lost pasts and new futures.

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       "If you only read the books that         everyone else is reading, you         can only think what everyone         else is thinking"


              Haruki Murakami


September/October Collection

Theme reveal: Afrofuturism

Limited availability

The Afrofuturism collection storytells an Africa free from its stereotypes of crime and scams, famine and disease, and poverty and the third world. A future Africa. Not what it can be, but an Africa that is already here and is waiting to be appreciated.   

"Afrofuturism is an intersection of imagination, technology, the future, and liberation. I generally define Afrofuturism as a way of imagining possible futures through a black cultural lens."

Ingrid LaFleur


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 "I’m so impressed with this box, it’s a wonderful addition to the book community, one that encourages diversity and learning, challenges stereotypes, and offers new perspectives that will help you change the way you see the world!  


"My book box from @headymixbooks came in the mail yesterday! They're doing really cool things ... Something @headymixbooks is doing that I haven't seen done before in a book box is curating a collection of works especially for the box. This is a book box I'd definitely recommend checking out!"


"I really admire your goal to showcase underrepresented groups in literature - it's very much inline with what I hope to promote on my own account too."


"A fantastic service with books focusing on underrepresented groups in society"

Maxine Sinclair (author)