Heady Mix subscription book box

Diversify your bookshelf with the UK’s only book box focused on diversity.

Enjoy new diverse stories written by talented female writers.

A brilliantly bookish subscription service

We’re the book box for feminists who want to diversify their reading. With Heady Mix’s handpicked selection of the very best in female writing, our subscription book box makes it fast and easy for you to discover exciting new fiction.

Heady Mix will help you:

Become a better ally 

By reading differently, you’ll help spotlight talented female writers that aren’t getting the bookshelf space they deserve.

Broaden your entertainment

You’ll enjoy a unique reading experience immersed in a heady mix of diverse awe-inspiring stories.

Enter a fun, new world of reading

Discover new people, places and perspectives that mainstream bookshops ignore. No more of the same boring books.

The Heady Mix book box is recommended by:

Heady Mix book box subscription

If you want to refresh your reading list or need a thoughtful gift for the bibliophile in your life, allow Heady Mix to do the work for you

Alice Kemp-Habib


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Heady Mix book club unboxing

Heady Mix member, Rosie Talbot, took to Instagram to share her review and unbox our Earth and Afrofuturism collections which were released earlier in 2020. Click the video on the left 👈🏾 to see the review and check out how Heady Mix works.

“This is a book box I have since discovered and decided I absolutely need in my life”.

“They are the perfect book box to diversify your reading… so, awesomeness”.

“Each collection came with an in-depth welcome letter”.

“That unique thing I mentioned that they do, they publish their own collections of flash fiction, short stories and essays and I have not seen that in a single book box before … I think it’s a fantastic way to deepen understanding of the two novels they send with the Quarterly subscription, which is what I have”.


Thanks Rosie for being a member and for your unboxing!

Featured book club authors

Nicole Dennis-Benn

Nicole Dennis-Benn is the author of Here Comes the Sun, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and a 2017 Lambda Literary Award winner. Born and raised in Jamaica, Dennis-Benn now lives with her wife in Brooklyn, New York

Here Comes the Sun featured in Heady’s Mix Section 28 collection that showcased writing about the LGBTIQ+ community.

Author Nicole Dennis-Benn
Author Min Jin Lee

Min Jin Lee

Min Jin Lee wrote Pachinko, which has been translated into 30 languages and was the winner of the Medici Book Club Prize. 

Pachinko featured in Heady’s Mix California Dreaming collection that showcased writing about migrants and immigration around the world.

Past book box collections

Every one of the collections in our book subscription box membership is focused on diversity; we spotlight the people, places or perspectives that don’t have enough representation in Western culture. You will always learn something new with us.

Heady Mix subscription book box

Loud Silence

Heady Mix book box subscription

California Dreaming

Heady Mix book subscription box

​The aim of our collections

By reading the diverse stories contained with the Heady Mix book book subscription box, you’ll not only enjoy new ways to view and understand the world and those in it, but you’ll also become a better ally to these underrepresented groups. 

Book reviews, articles and short films

Not only do we offer the UK’s only book subscription box focused on diversity, we have a wide-ranging online library featuring articles, author guest posts, short films and documentaries to help you more deeply explore each season’s theme and become a better ally to underrepresented groups.

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Heady Mix subscription book box